Homemade risk scenarios

The Volkswagen case is also creating new risks: the creativity of plaintiff lawyers is resulting in scenarios resembling class actions and making this lawsuit model politically acceptable again.

In recent years, it was often the uncontrolled growth in the companies themselves that caused the legal risks to change. The Siemens case brought US investigative methods to Germany; the bank scandals intensified regulation. A failure of the law and compliance always was and still is a factor. Several head general counsel and chief compliance officers resigned, most recently from VW. Many observers consider this failure the result of departments adapting too slowly. Too busy shaking off their reputations as naysayers, many were afraid to give audible warnings, were too far removed from the operational activities or management. Only rarely was there a suspicion of active involvement by in-house lawyers.

Many crises have brought a younger generation to the helm, like at Bilfinger.

Top ten litigation cases

The fact that the generation change in legal departments really got going in parallel to the changing requirements even without any external cause is a happy coincidence. This new generation is not weighed down by the historical battle for position within the company and can tackle the new challenges immediately – while encountering a more aware management.

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