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Dispute Resolution

As many firms do, we use the term “dispute resolution” to describe the work of lawyers which concerns not only litigation and arbitration, but also extrajudicial conflict settlement.

The main focus of such practice groups tends to lie in corporate and commercial law as well as capital markets law (often termed corporate & commercial litigation), which also forms the focus of the subchapters ?commercial litigation and liability and ?corporate litigation. Depending on the firm, lawyers from a range of practices with a strong litigation element, such as product liability, also belong to these practice groups.

At many firms, distribution law is integrated into the litigation departments; this field, however, is dealt with in a separate chapter ( ?distribution, trade and logistics). All firms also represent clients in judicial proceedings. This applies to such litigation-intensive fields as ?employment, ?trademarks and unfair competition, ?insurance and liability, ?public procurement, ?antitrust, and ?real estate and construction, as well as ?insolvency and restructuring.

The chapter on ?customs and trade should also be consulted, as some litigation is conducted before the European courts. This chapter also refers to numerous lawyers who have made names for themselves in arbitration.

Commercial Litigation and Liability

Corporate Litigation

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