CMS Hasche Sigle

Improved access to corporations, international business, compliance expertise – CMS’ corporate practice has seen development on a broad front and is thus slowly catching up to leading firms. Executive boards at major corporations are increasingly putting their faith in the team. CMS is advising not only the VW executive board concerning the diesel scandal, but now Audi as well. Such giants have long had this strong firm on their radar. And now so do those seeking entry into the Iranian market: by opening an office in Tehran, CMS has taken a strategic step, and DAX companies are already taking advantage of this USP. More than other leading competitors, CMS earns kudos for its work on international joint ventures, especially Cologne partner Klaus Jäger. Partners such as Dr. Karsten Heider and Dr. Henrik Drinkuth advised on a number of public takeovers, e.g. SLM Solution and LBBW in the financing for the takeover bid for Pfeiffer Vacuum. One field that CMS has yet to tackle is corporate compliance advice, but with the arrival of compliance expert Dr. Thomas Sonnenberg from the private equity house Triton, this is now set to change.
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