Whatever Luther undertakes, succeeds: it is remarkable how strategically Luther is conquering new fields in environmental and planning law. Grid expansion did not play a significant role in the practice two years ago, but with the arrival of Prof. Dr. Tobias Leidinger, Luther pulled into the fast lane. Statkraft and Avacon are but two examples in a string of new clients that the firm landed in a short space of time. Advice to Preußen Elektra on dismantling its nuclear power plants came about because the firm’s public lawyers are capable of developing specialist expertise on the issues relevant to the market in no time at all.
But this was no reason for Luther to rest on its laurels: the firm gained ground in terms of internationalization too. Having drawn attention with the litigation for Vattenfall before the World Bank tribunal, Luther advised an international mail-order company regarding a pan-European environmental audit. This was largely thanks to Dr. Stefan Altenschmidt, who was pivotal in driving this development and is held in high esteem by the market for his strength in litigation. He demonstrated this yet again when he won the right to access the European Commission’s documents about the emissions trading system for Saint-Gobain. If Luther manages to hold this course and establish additional advisors, the top of the market will be well within reach.
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