Comment: Following recent turbulence, this recommended employment practice had a steady year in staff terms, with its focus firmly on client work. Within TW, the practice accounts for a sizable portion of turnover. Advice on employment-related compliance, esp. the supply of temporary workers, featured heavily. Here, TW harnessed the potential offered by the better access to large-scale industry coming from the positive development seen by corporate in Düsseldorf, and intensified cooperation here. Company pensions advice to Rewe (with Freshfields) and Ergo shows TW’s growing ability to form specialties and acquire top-class work through them. The focus on the technology sector leads to work with a data protection element in cooperation with the renowned IT practice.
Strengths: ?IT, personnel services sectors.
Development potential: Internationally and in other German practices, TW boasts interesting clients such as Google. The German employment practice is hardly active for the Internet giant. If it manages to push cross-border cooperation, TW would be a capable advisor to this and other tech firms, thanks to its technology sector know-how.
Recommended: Jörg Bausch, Marc Gimmy, Dr. Oliver Bertram (“for the supply of temporary workers and deployment of external staff he has an overview of the subject matter and pitfalls like no other in Germany”, client).
Practice: Broad practice with a focus on midsized businesses, but also advice to a number of notable large companies, incl. international employment (US, Asia). Focus on cross-border mergers, codetermination, restructuring, compliance, supply of temporary workers (e.g. for temporary employment sector), company pensions, data protection and occupational health and safety. Advice also provided to decision-making bodies. (8 equity partners, 7 salary partners, 13 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Rewe on acquisition of stake in Coop, company pensions; Michael Page concerning German Act on Temporary Employment reform; DaVita on company pensions; Ergo on alleged claims of former commercial agent from company pensions.
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