The new firm Novacos is proving to be quite the showstopper, having settled into a niche somewhere between the major firms and the leading boutiques. It is one of the few boutiques in the market to have positioned itself as a regulatory advisor in transactions, assisting major firms that are lacking the required industry expertise in healthcare. Remarkable as this may be, it comes as no surprise, as the former Clifford lawyers bring with them plenty of M&A experience from their previous activities. They advised, for instance, Kade on the acquisition of the herbal product portfolio from Hexal.
But Novacos has an even broader setup. Dr. Christian Stallberg is highly renowned in the market for his profound regulatory expertise regarding market access and the reimbursement of costs, advising, for instance, Bayer and Janssen-Cilag on the AMNOG. Besides this, the team focuses on pharma advertising and product liability advice. It also draws on its collective experience to epitomize credible competence in compliance and data protection – both of which are highly sought-after advisory topics that are being readily invested in across the pharma industry right now.
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