Comment: This highly recommended employment practice enjoys an exceptional reputation. “In all major cases, Seitz is part of the action” was how a competitor summed it up. The international restructuring of Osram in around 40 countries, which would have suited a large international firm, and the restructuring of Müller Group and Gothaer are but a few examples. The client list in the insurance and financial sector is impressive. The practice’s success has put an end to the discussions over its decision to have just one office. Even boutiques with many offices and thus an entirely different strategy admit: “With such a good network, another office isn’t necessary at all.” Against this backdrop, the employment lawyers can probably cope with the fact that the overall firm’s broader setup stops some competitors from passing on employment referrals, esp. as young partners besides Seitz are well positioned for large projects.
Strengths: Collective bargaining, advice to prominent figures, esp. in sport, major projects.
Development potential: The employment lawyers pursue their international strategy in a kind of modular system, comprising best-friend contacts and the LAW and Innangard networks. Seitz will have to invest even more energy to advise on more large cross-border projects following the Osram blueprint in homogeneous quality.
Recommended: Dr. Stefan Seitz (“competent, results-driven and constructive”, competitor), Prof. Dr. Thomas Kania (“highly competent”, “objective and very experienced”, competitors), Dr. Marc Werner, Dr. Joachim Trebeck (“very adept”, competitor).
Practice: Independent employment practice mainly providing project advice, also in cooperation with the ?tax and ?corporate practices, also advice to management. Clients include well-known Mittelstand companies and international corporates, also prominent sports figures. (4 equity partners, 11 salary partners, 11 associates, 4 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Osram on various international restructuring projects; Karstadt on future wage agreement; Müller Group on restructuring and site closure/relocation; Gothaer on restructuring; MediaSaturn on restructuring the non-food division.
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