Comment: This recommended employment boutique is the undisputed number one in Hanover. It is esp. impressive how LSSTK branched out and shook off its image as a firm purely for litigation. Work in individual employment law features heavily (e.g. for VW), but LSSTK is seen more often than before in large collective employment law instructions, such as the ongoing Vonovia restructuring. The new German Act on Temporary Employment led to high demand for advice.
Strengths: Labor-management relations law, flexible working conditions.
Recommended: Dr. Peter Schrader (“highly committed and competent”, competitor).
Practice: Predominantly regular advice, litigation, restructuring, labor-management relations law. Advice on transactions, reorganization and large projects. Representation of managers, less frequently employees. (4 partners, 3 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Vonovia on restructuring; ongoing (incl. litigation): VW, Bahlsen, Meravis, Jet Tageslicht, RWA.
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