Comment: By launching in Berlin, this specialist firm recommended in employment is breaking new ground. Frahm is splitting his time between the Stuttgart head office and Berlin, where he is set to move permanently later on. The firm is best known for individual employment law – Nägele litigated for employees against Daimler – but larger collective projects are also keeping the team on its toes, e.g. staff cuts for ATB. Despite the abundance of work, Naegele adheres to a lean staffing structure.
Strengths: Advice to management, employment law in the theater sector.
Development potential: The new Berlin office is both an opportunity and a challenge. It widens Naegele’s radius, but the firm will have to devote more attention to issues such as management and recruitment. In addition, the Stuttgart office lost a formative figure in Frahm.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Stefan Nägele (“precise, packs a punch, very good”, “extremely experienced and strategically pro-active”, competitors), Dr. Sebastian Frahm (“dedicated, competent and assertive, yet pleasant to work with”, “pragmatic, excellent expertise”; competitors) Dr. Claudia Hahn (“we often encounter her on the side of managers”, competitor), Dr. Meike Kuckuk.
Practice: Advice throughout Germany to employees and esp. managers, as well as Mittelstand and occasionally large companies. Also restructuring; regular advice on a regional level. Employment law for the theater and sport sectors. (4 partners, 2 associates)
Clients: ?? ATB Welzheim and Schorch on staff cuts; Geberit regarding European works council; ongoing advice and litigation for TSV 1860 München; ongoing: Poco Domäne, Dr. Wilmar Schwabe.
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