Comment: A leading boutique with the market’s highest headcount that focuses squarely on major restructuring projects. Work for Hewlett Packard and Tele Columbus demonstrates the scale of activity. The addition of Göpfert, one of the market’s most renowned restructuring advisors, fits into this picture nicely. He brought his team of seven from Baker to open the boutique’s fourth German office in Munich. For the startup phase, Vollstädt will work from Munich as well as Düsseldorf. Unlike the other office openings, most of which the boutique achieved by itself, this time Kliemt opted to bring in a well-established partner to go the next step in restructuring advice. Like many competitors, the well-known partners were busy with the supply of temporary workers, data protection and company pensions, besides restructuring. Name partner Kliemt was active in the field of works council remuneration, e.g. in the diesel affair.
Strengths: Restructuring, advice to management.
Development potential: The launch in Munich will call for integration efforts on a scale Kliemt has not seen before. To make the leap into higher-end projects for the long term, it will have to work more with project-based interoffice teams.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Michael Kliemt (“outstanding lawyer with no airs and graces”, competitor), Dr. Oliver Vollstädt, Dr. Burkard Göpfert (“a long-lasting, very collegial and professional cooperation”, client; “one of Germany’s best employment lawyers”, competitor), Dr. Markus Bohnau (“a successful and excellent cooperation lasting years”, client), Dr. Alexander Ulrich, Stefan Fischer (“outstanding”, “vast experience, also on an international level, reliable application of compliance rules”, competitors), Martin Wörle, Dr. Barbara Reinhard (“very good, tough negotiator”, competitor).
Practice: Extensive advice and litigation for companies, management boards, managers, supervisory boards, professional athletes, authorities, as well as charitable companies and sponsors on restructuring, outsourcing, internal pay structures, company pensions and deployment abroad (esp. IT). D&O liability and restructuring. Member of the international employment network Ius Laboris. (15 partners, 3 counsel, 44 associates)
Clients: ?? Dura on restructuring; Hewlett Packard on various spinoffs; Tele Columbus on restructuring; Sandanter Bank on insourcing and company pensions; Trelleborg Automotive on company closures.
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