Comment: This highly recommended employment practice was extremely visible and caused a stir with two precedent cases: before the Federal Labor Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht) BB toppled the practice of declaring collective-bargaining agreements to be universally applicable with regard to Soka-Bau, and the team went before the ECJ in some of the highest-profile proceedings of the year regarding dynamic reference provisions. BB brought its strength in collective employment law into play in impressive fashion: Melms’ Munich team was involved in numerous collective bargaining projects and the overall practice saw major restructuring work. The team coped well with the spinoff of several Frankfurt lawyers to Bluedex. Although this was BB’s first large spinoff in years, it reinforced both its Frankfurt and Berlin teams. Much later than other practices, BB is using its size for specialization, e.g. in healthcare (Berlin) and company pensions. “We have worked with them for years and are always satisfied,” praised a client.
Strengths: Complex restructuring. Company pensions. Expertise in the media and healthcare sectors.
Recommended: Dr. Hans-Peter Mechlem (“collegial and solution-oriented,” competitor), Dr. Thomas Drosdeck, Dr. Christopher Melms (“solutions are customized and creative, not off-the-rack, doesn’t lose sight of what is important and feasible”, client), Dr. Wolfgang Lipinski (“distinguished restructuring expert with creative approaches”, “very visible, notable clients”, competitors), Dr. Thomas Barthel (“skilled, collegial, reliable”, competitor), Markus Künzel, Marco Ferme (“very pleasant and collegial”, competitor), Dr. Daniel Hund (“outstanding expertise and very dedicated; but always a fair and pleasant manner”; “very good jurist”, competitors), Christian Frhr. von Buddenbrock.
Practice: Active all-round in employment law for employers, restructuring, collective bargaining law, labor management relations law, litigation, company pensions and much ongoing advice. Focus on the ?media and hospital sectors. Several lawyers experienced in advising management. (10 equity partners, 31 salary partners, 21 associates)
Clients: ?? Asklepios Hospitals before ECJ regarding reference provisions; ZVEH before Federal Labor Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht) concerning the practice of declaring collective-bargaining agreements to be universally applicable; Sky Deutschland in employment status suit; Doduco on restructuring; Synlab on wage agreement.
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