Comment: This firm is active nationwide and comes recommended for employment. Altenburg is known for advice related to compliance, where Mengel in Berlin has enjoyed an excellent name for years, and it often works alongside criminal lawyers. In Hamburg, a competitor noted that Schommer’s team is still “very busy expanding the office”. Berlin was bolstered by a partner from Gleiss last year, esp. in company pensions. The expertise gained is also an asset in transactional advice, which saw much growth, at the side of firms that lack their own employment practice, e.g. for Pro7Sat1. Altenburg is often active in downstream employment-related integration. Raising the associate headcount was thus a logical step.
Strengths: Employment related to corporate rescue/insolvency and compliance.
Development potential: Altenburg is one of the employment firms to prove in recent years that a boutique can also be successful with nationwide offices. Further expansion, e.g. in western Germany, would be feasible.
Recommended: Stephan Altenburg (“incredibly good”, “experienced lawyer for employers”, competitors), Dr. Anja Mengel (“good cooperation, knowledgeable and in touch with practice”, “very assertive”, competitors), Andreas Ege (“outstanding expertise and pragmatic”, “goes the extra mile, stays solution-focused”, competitors), Dr. Tobias Schommer.
Practice: All-round advice to employers, incl. on restructuring and reorganization, also transactional advice to firms that lack employment expertise and insolvency administrators. Advice and litigation in individual and collective employment law, frequently wage agreements. Employment-related compliance, civil service employment law, corporate codetermination, collective bargaining. Also data protection and company pensions. Founding member of international alliance Ellint. (6 equity partners, 1 salary partner, 11 associates)
Clients: ?? Berlin-Chemie on company pensions; Pro7Sat1 on transactions; ROB Centrex Automotive on acquisition from insolvency; Sanofi-Aventis on transactions; ongoing advice to ADAC.
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