Comment: This firm with solid roots in the Ruhr Valley is taking a very consistent approach to strategically developing additional specialist practices (e.g. IT law). A number of initiatives can be traced back to the dual leadership team of Dr. Achim Tempelmann and Dr. Stefan Mager put in place last year. The firm also restructured its core discipline, corporate. With two partners each, the corporate practice is represented more or less evenly at both offices; Dr. Markus Haggeney’s Essen team focuses on advising large companies, while the corporate lawyers and transaction experts in Bochum around Dr. Andreas Eickhoff advise owner-managed companies as a specialized group. But the teams do not operate separately – they often work in cooperation, e.g. in advice to long-time client BP Europe on a joint venture. BP was originally a client of the well-regarded notary office, showing how Aulinger is getting better at turning notary work into ongoing corporate advice. Conversely, both the real estate lawyers and the notaries benefited from the reinvigorated real estate market and were active for Fakt Group. In a direct comparison with Essen-based competitor Kümmerlein, the only notable difference is that the young corporate lawyers have been less visible so far.
The development of work for the hospital sector, e.g. hospitals and doctor’s practices, demonstrates, on the other hand, how well it can work when young partners grow their own activity. Various practices are now participating in work for these clients, incl. corporate, public procurement and employment. Aulinger’s clients are also noticing this development. They praised the lawyers’ ability to “familiarize themselves with sector specifics and continuously build on this knowledge”.
The antitrust practice around well-regarded partner Dr. Andreas Lotze enjoys a good name and frequently draws attention nationwide. Traditionally good connections in public companies led to work pursuing claims against the truck cartel, e.g. for Gelsenkirchen public utilities.
Recommended for: ?Antitrust, ?corporate, ?energy, ?M&A, ?public procurement. Employment.
Lawyers in Germany: 39
International network: Independent firm with a network of contacts among individual foreign firms.
Developments: Aulinger has taken some crucial steps in recent years. The well-regarded notary office and renowned, if small, antitrust practice are just as responsible for the firm’s good name as its remarkably consistent development of an interdisciplinary specialty in corporate-related medical law. The firm is now taking its first steps in IT and data protection law: somewhat later than Kümmerlein, Aulinger is opening itself up to an area harboring much potential. Data protection and related issues are becoming increasingly important for virtually all clients, but developing another specialist practice also offers many opportunities internally because, like advice to the healthcare sector, IT offers the potential for interdisciplinary work.
Besides building up new specialties, the firm will need to pay attention to the synergies between existing practices to position itself for the current topics. This is also necessary if the firm is to make headway in building on compliance advice. Thanks to the expertise of a public procurement lawyer, who also boasts close contacts in municipal companies, the firm is in excellent shape to make a name for itself in this central field.
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