Orth Kluth

Comment: High quality work at prices generally below those of competitors – this philosophy long ago became OK’s trademark. The founding partners of this Düsseldorf firm follow this philosophy determinedly, and were thus able to cope with the departure of a name partner two years ago. But the strong focus on this commitment has also meant in the past that the firm’s inner structures lagged behind successful client work: many practices were very successful in their own right and worked together, where necessary. But systematically using synergies and strategically generating new work together was not a strategy pursued by OK for a long time. The process triggered two years ago towards a stronger management devoting much attention to exploiting potential has now brought the firm great success in several of its nationally renowned specialist practices: because of last year’s merging of the construction and real estate practices and a closer integration of the public lawyers, the practice is now engaged for project acquisitions and sales. It is also involved in strategic project planning, e.g. for developer 6B47. The closer integration of the Berlin office, which is esp. successful in the transport sector, is also a success story: its closing ranks with the Düsseldorf public procurement practice took effect in the respectable National Express instruction. OK also makes clever use of the interfaces arising in public procurement for its litigation practice. And there have always been very strong connections between corporate and employment, but these were intensified further; the practices work hand in hand in major restructuring cases, e.g. for Terex.
JUVE Law Firm of the Year for: Construction.
Recommended for: ?Commercial litigation and liability, ?construction, ?corporate, ?employment, ?M&A. Transport law.
See also: ?Düsseldorf.
Lawyers in Germany: 64
International network: Network of befriended firms. Frequent cross-border cooperation, incl. in the Netherlands and Switzerland.
Developments: OK slowed down its rapid headcount growth in recent years, and there was little fluctuation at equity and salary partner level. This stability allows the firm to advance with strategic caution. This includes the introduction of a salary partner system two years ago, which brought more transparency and responsibility for this group and has since proven a success.
OK now needs to direct its attention outwards again: activity in Düsseldorf has become more international, which demands that firms foster good ties to foreign partners. OK too will need to change in this respect: although the firm already nurtures an informal network, it will not be able to take too much time expanding this. Other Mittelstand-focused firms in the city, esp. Hoffmann Liebs with its new inbound practice for the Chinese Mittelstand, are a sizeable step ahead of OK already and have established key USPs. The influx of lots of smaller international firms like Herbert Smith, Pinsent Masons or Eversheds Sutherland should also be an incentive for OK to continue honing its international network.
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