Comment: This Frankfurt boutique recommended for employment and praised by a competitor for its “first-rate employment competence” put in a continued strong performance: the partners consistently combine their large-firm experience with advice on stand-alone employment and thus stepped up advice on (often high-volume) transactions such as the acquisition of Strato by United Internet and intensified contacts among firms that lack a noteworthy employment practice. The team made headway in advice to managers. The only obstacle to development is the low staffing level. The homogeneous team has so far adopted a partner-heavy approach, but one client noted that SL&P is sometimes almost “too busy”.
Strengths: Advice to banks and managers, international experience.
Development potential: In terms of strategy, SL&P faces a dilemma: growth at associate level would relieve the burden on the partners, esp. in transactions, but keeping lawyers purely for project work, which is susceptible to economic trends, is an economic challenge for small firms. However, SL&P should have more than enough substance in its regular advice to raise its headcount.
Recommended: Dr. Ulrike Schweibert (“Germany’s best employment lawyer in my view, a real heavyweight. My go-to lawyer for the difficult, sensitive matters, I have huge respect for her”, client), Nicole Engesser Means (“good negotiator and solution-oriented”, competitor), Dr. Jochen Leßmann, Dr. Rüdiger Hopfe (“very pleasant and professional cooperation”, “very good employment lawyer”, “excellent sense of the problems in a situation”, competitors), Ulla Rupp (“excellent, dynamic, experienced”, competitor).
Practice: All-round employment activity. Expertise in advice to banks and institutes, e.g. on pay aspects. Much transaction experience. Increasing advice to management and litigation. (5 partners, 1 counsel, 4 associates)
Clients: ?? Aviation Passage Service Berlin on closure in Berlin; Stefan Hans against German Soccer Association regarding allegations over awarding of 2006 World Cup (public knowledge); United Internet on acquisition of Strato; BNP Paribas on closure in Bremen. Ongoing: Basler Fashion.
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