Comment: At this Hamburg boutique, which is recommended for employment, success is based on the excellent network with other specialists such as Voigt Wunsch Holler, Renzenbrink and Corinius. This allows the team to work on cases otherwise reserved for full-service firms, e.g. high-volume transactions. It is esp. impressive how SMK built on connections to existing clients, such as Bilfinger. But like Schweibert Leßmann & Partner and Wolff Schultze Kieferle, the boutique faces the question of how to deal with its economic success structurally. SMK opts for continued moderate growth, but this means it has to differentiate activity more than in its startup phase: for example, the lawyers are seen less often in work for managers than before and are focusing on collective advice to companies. Besides transactions, it was restructuring work keeping the team on its toes – so it is no wonder that competitors single out SMK’s experience in these fields.
Strengths: Transactional advice, restructuring.
Recommended: Dr. Nils Schramm (“very good negotiator, immediately grasps the economic context”, competitor), Dr. Holger Meyer (“very good peer”, “strong expertise coupled with vast national and international experience”, competitors) Dr. Michael Kuhnke (“confident, calm employment lawyer with a good view of the big picture and pragmatic solutions”, client; “deal-oriented, very pragmatic, fast”, competitor).
Practice: Regular advice as well as projects related to collective employment law, e.g. restructuring, transactions and staff cuts. (3 partners, 4 associates)
Clients: ?? Buss on coordination of interests and redundancy plan; Ergon Capital on acquisition of DIH; UPM on coordination of interests, redundancy plan and transaction; ongoing: Bilfinger, About You.
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