Comment: This respected antitrust practice is feeling the benefits of its expansion work and its orientation toward advice-intensive, trending issues. As one of the most recognized specialists for antitrust damages claims, Funke landed several large cases that are the envy of competitors: he is suing the sugar cartel for the plaintiff association CDC and the truck cartel for Deutsche Bahn. The bundling of claims in both cases means that assignment and cooperation agreements are needed, which brings in other practices such as the banking team. OC is positioning itself wherever digitalization leads to antitrust problems, e.g. in technology partnerships and the litigation for Rewe’s tourism branch in EU antitrust proceedings over online distribution. An experienced associate who came from Linklaters last year is best known here alongside Funke. In distribution, another traditional strong point, Dr. Thomas Grünvogel joined the Munich practice as a lateral from CMS.
Strengths: Damages suits, distribution, technology.
Development potential: Numerous large cases are in their initial phases and could make heavy demands on personnel. In the long term it will be necessary to expand the lower level and work on gaining a stronger market presence for partners other than Funke.
Recommended: Dr. Thomas Funke (“extremely bright, very visible”, competitor).
Practice: Focus on damages claims; litigation, incl. precedent cases before European courts. Also cartel cases and merger control proceedings. Sectors: auto, food retail, technology. Active at the interface with ?distribution. (3 partners, 5 associates)
Clients: ?? Deutsche Bahn on damages claims against the truck cartel; CDC on damages claims against the sugar and bleach cartels; Rewe and tourism subsidiaries in EU proceedings over geographical limits in online distribution; savings banks on mobile payment functions; Pometon against EU ruling on the steel-blasting cartel (ECJ).
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