Comment: This firm is one of the central market players in southwest Germany. Unflinchingly, MB is holding firm to its one-office policy and thus mainly works for the high-end Mittelstand from Stuttgart. Although not part of its image, MB also often advises corporates: it has litigated for Daimler in trademarks for some time and advises EnBW. The firm also advised regular clients like Trumpf on expanding their venture subsidiaries and thus accelerating the transformation into the digital age. Here, Mittelstand clients not only bank on good internal cooperation, e.g. between corporate and employment, but the restructuring team is often called on as well. Growing this team two years ago proved a clever move. MB also carved out an excellent position as a public sector advisor thanks to internal cooperation. The key factors here are synergies between the public procurement practice and others, like construction or IT. The Southwest Hospital Association engaged the firm for public procurement related to the first large-scale German hospital planned using the BIM method – a remarkable achievement and further proof that MB is abreast of the latest developments.
It is noteworthy how it is the younger partners who are increasingly responsible for client acquisition and managing instructions. The firm’s sustainable policy for the development of young talent, which seeks out young lawyers and offers them career opportunities early on, is thus paying off. Early 2017 saw six internal partner appointments. The plan for 2018 is to offer an alternative to the partner track, which shows how Menold is in sync with the needs of its young lawyers.
Recommended for: ?Corporate, ?insolvency and restructuring, ?M&A, ?public procurement, ?trademarks and unfair competition. Company succession and trusts, employment.
See also: ?Stuttgart.
Lawyers in Germany: 84
International network: Independent German firm with exclusive cooperation with Valoris in France. Frequent cooperation with selected firms in Europe and increasingly US Mittelstand advisors.
Developments: With a whole host of young partners, MB has a wealth of potential. This can be tapped by building on international activity. As MB does not rely on an established firm network, but develops such activity itself, this development will take time. The firm is progressing in small steps, as shown by advice to some international clients in Germany as well as advice to Ritter Group on selling its Italian subsidiary, but growth will have to be quicker if the firm is to keep step with local competitors like Heuking or CMS. And not only this: MB will need to keep an eye on the legal departments of the accounting companies that are strong in Stuttgart and advancing into its Mittelstand terrain. Setting itself apart from these, be it through more consistent international networking or by strengthening further specialties that form direct interfaces with the established advice to managers, could be a worthwhile objective. The successful growth in the restructuring practice, which tackled precisely the latter, is pointing the way.
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