Comment: A highly recommended firm for corporate litigation which derives its current high workload in D&O liability matters predominantly from complex corporate and compliance instructions. HL stands out from many competitors here thanks to its strong industrial and sector-oriented focus areas – an approach that earns the firm solid contacts in companies and their operational units, as seen by its inclusion in the BASF list of advisors. In terms of litigation, the firm is also confronted with topics such as antitrust violation or the consequences of dividend stripping (“cum-ex”) trades, which in turn entail D&O liability cases. The practice is also occasionally involved in D&O cases on the part of insurers, although HL focuses primarily on representing companies. The firm’s arbitration know-how also plays an increasing role in corporate litigation. Moreover, it holds a strong position in shareholder disputes as it is able to contribute a great deal of experience in joint venture disputes. HL is seen just as often advising on legal challenges and nullity suits against AGM and shareholder resolutions, although it also has its sights set on current topics such as litigation funding and the work of active shareholders.
Strengths: Strong industry focus and sector-based expertise.
Recommended: Dr. Detlef Haß, Dr. Jürgen Witte (“competent, pragmatic, confident before the courts”, “effective, no airs or graces, but sadly overstretched”, clients; D&O coverage and liability), Dr. Olaf Gärtner, Dr. Kim Mehrbrey.
Practice: Disputes related to stock corporation law for a number of notable (listed) stock corporations. Active in D&O disputes for companies, as well as executives and supervisory boards. Many shareholder disputes. (Corporate: 18 partners, 12 counsel, 23 associates, 1 of counsel; dispute resolution: 10 partners, 6 counsel, 43 associates, 3 of counsel, 22 project lawyers)
Clients: ?? Media-Saturn concerning various challenges against board resolutions by members of the advisory board with regard to the shareholder dispute between Metro and minority shareholders.
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