Comment: This Cologne team respected for company succession and wealth structuring was often called on for exit taxation issues, as well as for company succession structuring. Thanks to its entrepreneur office, Seitz can also offer the related company valuation. Close ties with a wealth manager are a rich source of work, incl. on the interface with ?tax criminal law beyond company succession and wealth issues. Seitz is known throughout Germany for advice to entrepreneurs keen to invest. Growth at associate level underscores this positive practice development.
Recommended: Nils Kröber.
Practice: Tax and legal advice to owner-dominated companies, high-net-worth family businesses and HNWIs on cross-border relocation (esp. Switzerland), succession issues (wills, structuring with German/foreign trusts), litigation, tax criminal law. (2 equity partners, 2 salary partners, 7 associates)
Clients: ?? Ongoing advice to (public knowledge) Karl Storz Group shareholder (company succession), Ströer Group/Dirk Ströer, Bertsch Group (Christoph Bertsch); Cologne family on relocation and company succession; Austrian mobile communications entrepreneur on inheritance tax.
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