Comment: This highly recommended antitrust practice has been growing dynamically at the partner level. Following Dr. Christoph Wolf the previous year, the firm named Dr. Florian Schmidt-Volkmar as another partner from its own ranks. He is best known for cartel cases, defense against damages claims and antitrust proceedings in the energy sector with Hahn. The staff reflects the changing market perception of the practice. These facets were long overshadowed by the outstanding position of Bach as lawyer for the plaintiff in damages suits. Oppenländer remains a leading player in damages claims and is involved in large-scale cases such as railway lines and cement. It is currently representing Daimler against the roller-bearing cartel. However, the firm is breaking free from its reputation as a plaintiff representative. It is representing international companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and L’Oréal in defense against damages claims and Klumpp is expanding his position as a specialist for complex mergers in the press sector. One hiccup in the general expansion of the palette is the difficulty attracting more associates.
Strengths: Great experience in antitrust damages claims.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Bach (“an old hand at damages claims”, “extremely intelligent”, competitors), Dr. Andreas Hahn (“experienced in the banking sector”, “pleasant and highly professional”, competitors), Dr. Ulrich Klumpp (“clear, precise, very good at the interface with media law”, client), Dr. Matthias Ulshöfer (“efficient, fast, reliable”, client; “a top player at the interface of antitrust and public procurement”, competitor).
Practice: Litigation in merger controls and antitrust proceedings. Experience in antitrust court cases, strong in follow-on suits. Sectors: ?energy, banking, media (esp. publishing), ?pharma and healthcare. (6 equity partners, 1 salary partner, 3 associates)
Clients: ?? Daimler on enforcement of damages claims due to the roller-bearing cartel; Discovery/Eurosport on public procurement of German national soccer league rights; GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare and L’Oréal Deutschland on defense against damages claims (drugstore items); EnBW, incl. top-up of shares in MVV, suit against the city of Stuttgart regarding fire dept. water costs and damages claims; Kemmler on damages claims in the sugar cartel.
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