Comment: A leading practice with a large, expanding team. The Brussels office is perceived as one of the practice’s few weak points, but has grown to two antitrust partners with Dr. Christian von Köckritz’s promotion to partner. He recently advised on EU phase II proceedings together with Denzel and was involved in precedent cases before European courts, where Gleiss is one of the most visible players. Soltész represented Duravit in the bathroom cartel and Steinle represented Evonik Degussa in the bleach cartel. Gleiss is involved in almost every cartel case, which puts it in a good position for damages suits. Following the truck cartel proceedings, it played a key role for Daimler in damages claims. In Germany, Gleiss is also involved in two of the most important cartel proceedings, on behalf of Asics and Booking. Dr. Ines Bodenstein, who is working on this with Steinle and Brinker, has been named counsel, along with Dr. Carsten Klöppner from Stuttgart. Gleiss is successful in offering its younger lawyers prospects for advancement.
Strengths: High-level antitrust practice across the board. Substantial experience in litigation before the EU courts.
Recommended: Dr. Ingo Brinker (“stays calm and considerate even in very difficult proceedings”, “outstanding in court”, competitors), Dr. Matthias Karl (“pragmatic advice, but knows exactly when it gets too risky to be pragmatic – important for antitrust”, client), Dr. Wolfgang Bosch (“it's obvious he has seen a lot”, client; “precise and fast”, competitor), Dr. Ulrich Soltész (“excellent competence and communication”, client), Dr. Petra Linsmeier, Dr. Christian Steinle (“strong strategist”, “brilliant lawyer, very engaged”, competitors), Dr. Ulrich Denzel (“expert, good business sense, dynamic”, client; “great competence in large cases”, competitor), Dr. Martin Raible (“professional and competent”, client; “collegial, gets things done”, competitor), Dr. Moritz Holm-Hadulla (“ambitious, friendly, pleasant”, competitor).
Practice: All-round antitrust practice with competence in merger controls, cartel cases, abuse proceedings, ?distribution antitrust. ?Compliance investigations. Sectors: automotive, consumer goods, ?pharma and healthcare, media, ?energy, telecoms, ?state aid, esp. in Brussels. (10 equity partners, 11 salary partners, 4 counsel, 26 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Daimler in EU truck cartel case, car manufacturer cartel and defense against damages claims; Asics against Federal Cartel Office ruling on distribution systems; Booking in proceedings over best-price clauses before Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht); Deutsche Telekom on defense against damages claims from cable channel leases before the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof); Duravit on the bathroom cartel.
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