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Every year JUVE German Commercial Law Firms provides you with a comprehensive overview of commercial law firms in Germany.

Between July 2016 and July 2017, JUVE interviewed around 12,000 German and international lawyers and their clients for our current 18th edition. This information provides the basis for our publication, which presents the services of over 600 law firms and evaluates their position in the market.

By clicking on the tab National Review in the navigation menu on the right, you will find the top 50 German and international law firms that currently dominate the German legal market. The tabs entitled Regions and Practice Areas lead to those firms which have been analyzed according to their significance in a particular region or area of law respectively.

The press date for this edition was summer 2017. Notwithstanding corrections and amendments, all texts in this online version are identical to those in print.

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms research criteria

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